15 Easy Swaps to Becoming More Sustainable

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I think recently, everyone has been woken up to the realisation that we are slowly but surely destroying the planet we live on. There isn’t anything anyone can say that can justify what we have done to this poor planet. Humans have become obsessed by greed and always wanting bigger and better things that it has lead to us destroying our world.

Did you know, the biomass of wild mammals has fallen by 82%, natural ecosystems have lost about half their area and a million species are at risk of extinction – all largely as a result of human actions.

I know that since reading more into what is actually happening to our world, I have started to take steps into changing my lifestyle to be eco-friendly and much more sustainable. I thought I would share with you my top 15 EASY swaps that I have started to do to become much more sustainable and look after our planet.

  • Reusable water bottles: everyone knows that plastic is a huge issue we are dealing with, by switching to a reusable water bottle this is not only going to reduce the amount of waste but it is also going to encourage you to consume more water. I know that if I always carry a bottle of water around with me, I am drinking much more throughout the day. This in turn saves you so much more money because you aren’t constantly buying plastic water bottles or drinks from the shops.
  • Buy from smaller/local businesses: support those around you by purchasing locally. This will not only reduce your travel time but it will also encourage smaller businesses and allow them to grow.
  • Buy secondhand: this one can be a tricky one for me and definitely something that will take some time getting used to. I am so compelled by the likes of Boohoo and Shein because they’re easy. I know I can go online and pick up exactly what I want however, this is not good for the environment. Fast fashion is becoming a major issue and we need to try to buy second hand when we can. Use charity shops and thrift stores to your advantage, the likes of eBay and Vinted are so popular and you can find such excellent deals!
  • Walk or Cycle over Driving: to reduce our carbon footprint even more the easiest step we can do is to switch to walking/cycling to work, appointments or to the shops. Even using public transport is so much better than driving. This in turn saves you money as you aren’t having to fill up your car as much! This is also a really great way to get your exercise in for the day!
  • Recycle: this is one that my mum is so passionate about, she recycles every single thing she possibly can because by recycling you are offering the product a chance to be turned into something new. Whilst recycling isn’t actually the best thing to do for the environment; it should be used as a last minute option. If you truly can’t reuse those items for another purpose, then recycle.
  • Waste less: stop throwing items away when you dont like them or they no longer fit, instead, give them to your friends and family or a charity shop. I know I am awful for throwing away makeup for no reason other than I just don’t like it. In fact, there are charities that take in makeup for women’s refuge. If you havent used or worn the items, look into donating it.
  • Switch to natural products with no plastic: I have recently switched to using shampoo and conditioner bars; these come in completely recyclable packaging which has no plastic. These products are super affordable and they last so much longer than bottled products. They are great for the environment and can be used anywhere due to them being completely biodegradable. Using more natural based products will also reduce the amount of micro-articles that end up in our oceans.
  • Switch to reusable period supplies: I have been doing so much research into reusable period supplies and trying to find the best product for me. I know I definitely will not be using the moon cup however, I think period underwear could be the one for me. I had no idea the amount of waste that is involved in pads and tampons. They take so long to degrade too; it just isn’t good for the planet and to be honest, they’re not all that comfy anyway… if I can find a product that works for me, that I can reuse over and over again, I will feel so much happier!! If reusable products aren’t for you, check out the more natural options that don’t come in as much plastic waste.
  • Bring your own bags: I think since the charge for plastic bags came in, everyone is a little bit more conscious about bringing their own bags with them. You can find such cute tote bags that are perfect for holding all your groceries in and of course, they involve no plastic!!
  • Opt for natural deodorants: There are so many deodorants out there that come in big bulky plastic, they’re ugly and just terrible for the planet. I have recently found a new product that is completely natural and doesn’t come in any plastic. It is in a tin and its almost like a balm texture, it is great! I sweat a lot and have an issue with finding a deodorant that works for me; this one does wonders.
  • Compost your leftovers: Everyone always says they will eat those leftovers the next day but a week later, they’re still in the fridge. An easy swap for this is to invest in a compost system; we have a food recycling bin so all we have to do is put the food scraps into a biodegradable bag and pop them into the food bin! Easy as that.
  • D.I.Y: make your own products! You can find such incredible DIY’s on YouTube and Pinterest, why not give them a go?! I love to DIY my own cleaning products because it means I don’t have to keep spending money on plastic bottled cleaners. I have a perfectly good cleaning solution in a reusable bottle!
  • Switch to a changeable razor: Get rid of those plastic razors that constantly cut you when you use them. Switch to a stainless steel option; these are great and you have the option of monthly subscriptions to get your replacement heads in the mail!
  • Electronic toothbrush: stop buying those rubbish toothbrushes that always fall apart in your mouth, instead opt for an electronic toothbrush. They are known to be so much better for your teeth anyway and give much better cleaning results. They can be a little higher in price but in the end you save yourself money as you aren’t having to replace the entire toothbrush, instead you just replace the heads when they need to be.
  • Bulk buying: I know this one can be easier said than done especially when you have a tighter budget, but when you can, go to a bulk store and buy your products in bulk using your reusable bags. This will save you space in your rubbish bin as you dont have to deal with all that pesky packaging. This can also make. your kitchen have such a beautiful aesthetic as everything can be in gorgeous containers with labels rather than horrible mix match packages!!

And there we have it, 15 easy swaps that you can introduce into your lifestyle. These don’t have to be done all at once either, even if you just make one or two swaps, you are doing your part for the environment and that’s all anyone can ask. You should never be made to feel guilty if you choose to purchase a product over bulk buying; that definitely isn’t the point in this post. I wanted to give everyone an option to make a small change to their lifestyle that is easy and achievable.

What swaps will you be introducing?

Until next time, Abbs xo

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11 thoughts on “15 Easy Swaps to Becoming More Sustainable

      1. What’s the one you mentioned in this post? And I actually found a really great one recently called Native. It’s the best natural one I’ve found.. Even better than everyday brands!


  1. This is a great post! I am so into the whole fast fashion movement and I’ve not personally bought anything for a really long time because of this!




  2. These are some great swaps! I’ve been part of a recycling, reusable water bottle and composting household all my life but I’ve recently started using shampoo bars and I’m actually excited to get some reusable produce bags for Christmas! I am also looking at reusable period wear as the amount of landfill and cost of disposable options is ridiculous! Thanks for sharing ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Mine arrived with *perfect* timing and have to say I’m really happy with them so far. They take a bit more effort but I think worth it ☺️ x


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