Soul & Soap; The Game-Changing Brand

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This blog post is in NO WAY an advertisement; I am not being paid to promote this brand nor will I receive anything from this. I am purely trying to express my love for this brand and spread awareness!

Recently, I have been trying to get into using more ethical brands, supporting smaller businesses and using less plastic. When I was asked what I would like for my birthday, I began researching into ethical brands and I stumbled across Soul & Soap and I fell in love with their website. They sell all cruelty-free products and a lot of them are vegan!

So, who are Soul & Soap? They are a brand based in Cornwall that believe in reducing plastic waste; the products are made with skin benefiting ingredients such as; essential oils, avocado oils and aloe vera extracts. They use natural ingredients and the products do not contain any parabens or harsh chemicals.

Products such as shower gels, bath salts, body mists do come in 100% recyclable plastic packaging and they only use ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients. They also have shampoo bars, lotion bars and conditioner bars that come completely plastic free! The amazing part is, when it is delivered to your doorstep, the products are packaged in cardboard boxes and are filled with 100% biodegradable packing peanuts made completely out of cornstarch!

What have I tried and what did I think?

I decided to ask my parents to get me four things from this brand, for my birthday, and I was blown away when I opened the present. The smells that came through the wrapping paper was just phenomenal. It was a beautiful mixture of muted coconut mixed with a gorgeous vanilla sponge cake scent.

Soul and Soap Birthday Cake Whipped Soap, WOW this smells like heaven in a pot. If you love the smell of a vanilla and raspberry cake you will LOVE this! You get 360g of product for the retail value of £14.99. My first time trying this product was a week ago and I have used it every day since. The packaging tells you that a little goes a long way and boy is that an understatement! This whipped soap is such a unique texture, it is a mixture between a body butter and an exfoliator. It has small beads inside which I believe are the ‘sprinkles on top of the cake’. I used this soap to shave with and I had the BEST shave of my life. This left my skin feeling so incredibly smooth and also, it gave my skin a really lovely glow. I have never had such a smooth shave and I was so impressed. As well as to shave, this product is amazing as lathering; I took a small amount and put it onto my loopha and used this to wash my body. My skin was so hydrated and smooth after it! As for the price, I would 100% pay the price for this product, as you only need a little in each use, this can last for such a long time! This product is vegetarian, it uses honey as the ‘sprinkles’.

Soul & Soap Birthday Cake Bath Bomb, again this product smells incredible. It has the same scent as the whipped soap, a sweet vanilla and raspberry cake! The bath bomb was just as hydrating and nourishing as the soap and when I got out of the bath, I couldn’t believe how smooth and silky my skin felt! The bath bomb itself has natural avocado oil and sea salts inside which just provide you with the most hydrating bath you will ever have. The Birthday Cake Bath Bomb retails for £4.49 which is your average price for a bath bomb; I will say, I believe the bath bomb itself is much smaller than a lush bath bomb for example, but the scent and the feeling of your skin after make this a must-try! This product is vegetarian, it uses honey as the ‘sprinkles’.

Soul & Soap Coconut Shampoo Bar, since I have been wanting to cut down on my plastic waste, I figured it was time to try using shampoo bars rather than keep buying bottles. I decided to go for the coconut shampoo bar because I love the smell of coconut! As well as this, I made sure I read the ingredients to make sure I was buying a product that would be good for my hair. This product is definitely different. It takes a while getting used to using a bar rather than just squeezing out a bottle; you use a lot less product but the bar still lathers up. I have been using the bar directly onto my hair, making sure I lean back into the water so the product can lather up. It doesn’t lather up as much as a liquid shampoo but it does an excellent job at cleaning my hair. I found, when rinsing the product out, my hair feels a little dry; I do have very dry hair anyway so this could be the reason. Once I have conditioned, it feels full of life again. I think if you are looking to reduce your plastic waste, definitely try a shampoo and conditioner bar; whilst they are a little weird to get used to, they are an excellent money saver and they last so much longer!!! You get 55g for the retail price of £5.99 which is an excellent deal!!

Soul & Soap Shine On Conditioner Bar, this is the last product I have to talk about today and I am leaving it with a good one. This conditioner bar leaves my hair feeling and looking like silk. It is super hydrating and so creamy! Unfortunately, this conditioner doesn’t have a scent which I was slightly disappointed by however, it isn’t a huge issue to me. This conditioner bar is excellent for my hair like mine; dry, frizzy and very damaged. Whilst I have had a lot of my hair cut off, it still feels dry on the ends. This conditioner bar has helped give it some life again. It is formulated with shea butter and Abyssinian oil which are fabulous for creating a gorgeous shine and restoring moisture to the hair. I use this product just as the description says: After shampooing, run the conditioner bar down the length of your hair, focusing on the ends. Massage in from root to tip and work into strands. Leave conditioner on for 1-2 minutes and rinse off. It is a great product to try out!!! You get 55g for the retail price of £5.99. This product lasts forever and is definitely worth the money!

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And there we have it, my review on a few of their products! This brand is such a lovely brand and I am looking forward to buying more of their products in the future! What products do you think you’ll try?!

Until next time,

Abbs xo

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7 thoughts on “Soul & Soap; The Game-Changing Brand

  1. These sound seriously lovely! I have a bit of trouble finding natural beauty products without ingredients I’m allergic to (like avocado, sadly) but I’m sure some of their items would be safe for me to try. The scents seem delicious!

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  2. This sounds like such a great product line! I had never heard of it before but this is really something that has piqued my interest. Love the packaging too!

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