6 Healthy Habits

Hello lovelies, welcome back to itsjustabbsxo!

Today’s post I thought I would share with you my six healthy habits that I am going to start incorporating into my everyday life. I have been feeling very ‘meh’ recently especially during this lockdown and really think its time to start getting myself into gear. I believe that my introducing these habits into my daily routine, I will be left feeling more accomplished, happier and relaxed. Before we dive into the habits, I wanted to share a quote that I saw on Pinterest a couple of days a go – it has been on my mind and I truly think it is something we all need to listen to:

“Put yourself at the top of your to-do list every single day, and the rest will fall into place”

– hellobombshell.com

Something about this quote really speaks to me; it reminds me that no matter how busy we get, we should never allow ourselves to get too busy that we loose track of who you are. Now that I have shared this with you, let’s dive in to the healthy habits!

Habit 1: Read for half an hour before getting out of bed

I am hoping to start waking up at 7am, reading for at least half an hour and then getting up out of bed. I have decided to introduce this into my lifestyle because I have set myself a reading goal; to read a book a week. I have also read that reading in the mornings has been proven to stimulate your brain for the rest of the day; it gets you ready for a more productive day and wakes you up in a slow and calming way.

Habit 2: No technology (mobile or laptop) after 9:30pm

This is something I am adamant to do, I have found myself scrolling through instagram and twitter until the very early hours (1am-2am). My sleeping schedule is so ruined because of this. I saw that you can set yourself a time limit on your phone; this is something I have now put in place. Going on your phone before going to sleep can lead to an improper sleep this is because you are drifting off with the thoughts of what you saw on your phone last. Your brain stays active and you aren’t allowing your body that proper rest it requires. After noticing how late I was going to sleep I knew something had to change. This will also allow me to stimulate my brain in a calming way through reading.

Habit 3: Have a ginger shot first thing in the morning

I have been doing a lot of research into gut health recently and trying to find new ways that I can improve my digestion and the general health of my gut. Having a ginger shot every morning has so many proven benefits and I am very keen to give it a go. The benefits to having a daily ginger shot includes:

  • Ginger soothes upset stomachs and aids digestion
  • boosts your immune system
  • fights infections
  • Boosts your metabolism
  • Helps your body recover faster after a workout
  • Regulates blood sugar.

Habit 4: Practice self care in form of pampering once a week

I know that I need to practice self-care daily but I also think dedicating a day to various ‘pampering’ tasks will be a very intense day of self-care. My pampering tasks can include; bubble bath, exfoliating and shaving, reading, candles, easy to watch movies etc. I find that I feel so relaxed and calm after a nice day involving the above tasks; these days boost my moods and leave me feeling so content and happy.

“Self-care means giving yourself permission to pause”

– Cecilia Tran

Habit 5: Cut down on fizzy beverages

During this lockdown I have found myself having a fair few fizzy drinks almost daily, this hasn’t been good for my skin and I have also found that I have felt bloated quite a lot… I think the best thing to do is limit myself on the fizzy drinks, allowing one a day with a meal. Instead, throughout the day I will be making sure I am drinking plenty of water – I have found that by having a jug with fresh water with some oranges and lemon slices has encouraged me to drink so much!!

Habit 6: Start exercising at least three times a week

I am really wanting to start running; its what I have wanted to do for months but I just keep putting it off and telling myself that I can’t run. I know I can, anyone can. I haven’t been feeling particularly happy with how I look and its something I have been struggling with a lot, I don’t like talking about it because I get very self-conscious and end up crying over it. It is my body, only I can make a change. I think I am going to start with walking, into a light jog and then into a run. I need to pace myself and not push myself too hard.

Woodland walks are my new favourite!

There we have it, six healthy habits that I am determined to include into my daily routine. Even though these may not seem like huge changes, I think they will prove to help my moods and stimulate my days. What is one habit you find yourself do everyday?

Until next time, Abbs xo

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2 thoughts on “6 Healthy Habits

    1. These are such great goals! I’d love to make each of them my own, but a few will be hard for me. Here it is past the time I should be sleeping & I’m still on social media! The ginger shot is something I do already (plus I add turmeric).


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