Bleaching your hair at home?! My tips and tricks!

Hello my lovelies, welcome back to my blog! So as I’m sure you have all seen, since lockdown began everyone has started to bleach their hair to try to achieve their dreams of being a blonde goddess. Well, I jumped on that bandwagon too. I thought meh why not, if my hair falls out, oh well!!! I was amazed at how quickly my hair lifted with the bleach and I am now a gorgeous silver/white shade (I am in love.) My hair hasn’t lost its condition nor has it fallen out which I guess is a massive bonus!

Just a quick disclaimer before I jump on into the tips and tricks I picked up whilst bleaching my hair… I have very strong hair and I was able to lift my hair relatively quickly. This may not be the case for your hair, everyone’s hair is completely different and reacts to bleach in many ways.


Tip 1: Picking the correct bleach

When I was looking for bleach to use on my dark brown hair, I thought I would go for the obvious; Bleach London. I used two bottles and my hair lifted really quickly. I then decided to bleach it again, this time I used the Garnier Olia Permanent Bleaching Oil without Ammonia. This bleach is hands down the BEST ONE. It left my hair feeling so unbelievably silky and soft. If you want to bleach your hair, get your hands on this garnier bleach (trust me, you won’t regret it).

Tip 2: Shampoo and Conditioner

Obviously when you have bleached blonde hair, you choose to use purple shampoos and conditioners. After looking through various brands, I decided to use the John Freda Violet Crush for Blondes. WOW, this is a game changer. This shampoo has a certain technology in it that eliminates all signs of brassy/orange tones. I didn’t bother toning my hair after bleaching, instead I lathered this throughout my hair and wow, it worked SO WELL!

Tip 3: Hair masks

You are going to want to coat your hair in a hair mask at least twice a week, I love using the Garnier Ultimate Blend Hair Mask in Coconut. I love using this mask as a deep conditioner in the shower and then on a pamper day, I leave this mask in for around an hour and it leaves my hair looking so healthy and full. It doesn’t affect the colour of your hair either which is just a plus!

Tip 4: Don’t bother with toner

I found that using toners on my bleached hair did absolutely nothing; it didn’t change the colour at all. It just looked the exact same; it was a huge waste of time and money!!

Tip 5: Nutriesse Bleach is a no 

I decided to give this bleach a go because it was the only one in stock and it was extremely inexpensive. Boy was that a mistake; it left me with the weirdest orange roots. Which is very odd because usually the bleach will lift your roots to.a white shade. I won’t bother using this bleach again, I know the Olia one is the way to go.

Tip 6: To achieve the perfect silver tone

Finally, to achieve the perfect silver hair colour, I used the Garnier Olia Metallic Silver Permanent hair dye. The only issue I had with this, it leaves your roots a very purple tone. To eliminate this, I washed my roots with head and shoulders shampoo and the colour is now an all round white/silver shade. The colour is my favourite, I have always wanted to be this shade and can’t believe I was able to achieve it at home.


All in all, if you’re worried about bleaching your hair at home, I would say go for it. Whats the worst that can happen?! I can’t believe I was able to get this end result, spending less than £150.00!

What do you think of the colour?

Until next time, Abbs xo



5 thoughts on “Bleaching your hair at home?! My tips and tricks!

  1. Your hair looks fab! I dye my hair a lot, I have continuously dyed my hair for the last 6 years because I just prefer being blonde to brunette haha, but I do every so often decide to put some colour into it, although I am now thinking about cutting my own hair because I’m so not used to having super long hair!!

    Chloe xx

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  2. Your hair looks beautiful! I have brown hair and I have never dyed it a drastically different colour before, although I have put henna on it to give it reddish tones. I like the idea of having blonde hair to see what it would look like, but I think I would be too scared to attempt bleaching it myself at home! But if I ever do, I now know what products to use!

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