Pamper Time!

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Todays post is my quick-weekly pamper routine; I personally love a pamper every now-and-then and wanted to share with you a few products that I have been loving recently. My pamper routines tend to take place on a Sunday; I love spending the day at home completely chilling out and preparing myself for the week ahead. As always with my mornings I have to have a big cuppa; nothing beats a fresh cup of tea first thing in the morning!

Okay, so now the tea is consumed its now time to hop into a nice warm bubble bath; I love to add a bath bomb into my bath to make the bath more relaxing and calming. On this day I used one of my favourites, dragon egg; dragon egg bath bomb has lemon oil and popping candy in it, it leaves my skin feeling so silky smooth and fresh. Whilst I’m in the bath, I use this time to meditate as well as shave my legs.

Following the bath, I will change into a pair of fresh PJ’s, fluffy socks and sit at my vanity to do a face mask and some hair removal! I pluck my eyebrows, I use my tweezerman tweezers and they’re the best tweezers I have ever used.  I then use my face razor to shave my upper lip, every other week I also shave my entire face; I bought these razors from TKMaxx and they’re fab! They retail for around £3.99 for three which I think is such a good deal. I watched some YouTube videos before doing this and decided it was something I wanted to do, I haven’t regretted it at all! Once my eyebrows are plucked and all the hair is gone, I then use my sheet mask; sheet masks are perfect for these cooler months because they add so much hydration to the skin. I also love to use an eye mask, these garner ones are my favourite, they leave my under eyes feeling so smooth and plump.


Once all the basics are done, its time to just chill out and relax! I also use this time to fill out my diary to keep up with what I have going on that week and to stay on top of all my goings on! As well as this, I will also go onto my laptop to schedule in my tweets for the week and finish up any editing that needs to be done. I like to finish off as many tasks on my to-do list as possible so that when Monday rolls around, I have a fresh to-do list to start. I will also then pack my bag for the next day and get my work uniform ready for Monday morning, I find that packing my bag the night before just makes the morning so much quicker and easier.


And there we have it, a very easy pamper routine that I like to do on a Sunday! What do you always have to include into your pamper routines?

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