2020 Goals

Hello lovelies, welcome back to itsjustabbsxo!

time for a life update-2

Oh wow, we are coming up to the end of 2019, you know what that means! Everyone setting unrealistic goals for themselves that they know are only going to last for a few weeks, if that! I am joining that gang of people by setting myself some yearly goals; nothing too extravagant, just big enough to keep me motivated and push for it. I know you are all dying to hear my goals so I guess I will share them with you!

  1. Set up a regular schedule for blog posts: My aim with this goal is to set myself a goal of uploading 2 to 3 times a week. I really want to grow my blog and develop it, the only way I am going to make this happen is by dedicating my time and energy into it. Submerging myself into the creative world and unleashing my talent out there for the world to judge!
  2. Organise my life: I have always been quite an organised person, however this year I really want to be organised. I want to record all meetings, posts and events into a diary so I know exactly what I am doing and when. Having a neat and tidy life makes an easier life – staying organised will enable me to stay on track of everything including keeping to my new blog schedule!
  3. Self Care: I am making a vow to myself this year, to dedicate time to do some sort of activity for self-care. This can be as simple as running a bath and doing some meditation, taking time out of a busy and hectic life to read a book. Self-care is such an important part of life and I really neglected that part this year. I want to spend more time looking after my body and my mental health. Your mental state is the biggest priority in your life, you should never neglect that.
  4. Gym: Okay, I mean it this year, this is the year I join a gym! I have been holding off these part few months due to my redundancy however, this is all changing. This girl is getting to a gym! I want to go as much as possible; this will also be part of my self-care routine. By exercising, you are realising endorphins into the body that stimulate your mood.
  5. Take Time out for Family: I want to start visiting my family more often, spending time with them; even just going to a cafe for a coffee every now and then. Taking a day off everything to spend the day with them. Going shopping with mum, or going for walks with my aunty – anything that means I get to spend some time with family.


So there are my goals. Okay, going through them I can see I have set myself some high goals – joining a gym ugh really!!! But, I really want this year to be my year. The year I find myself and am in the best possible mindset. I know I have my work cut out for me this year but I am ready to take on this challenge! Bring it on 2020!

What about you, what’s on your 2020 goals list?

Until next time, Abbs xo

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Hello lovelies, my name is Abbie. Creative writing is my biggest passion and I love sharing my posts with all of you! Thank you so much for visiting my site, lots of love, abbs xo

17 thoughts on “2020 Goals

  1. I love reading goals posts, I find them inspiring. I have a couple different goals. I’d like to do some consistent blogging (at least 1 post a week), read 50 books, hopefully get a rockabilly dress (use to have 7 but they didn’t fit anymore). Ummmm I’m not sure what else yet.

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  2. I think you have set brilliant yet manageable goals for 2020 that you will achieve. Goals like yours make such a difference to your life when they are completed and are not unrealistic.
    Have a wonderful 2020!
    The Sacred Space AP

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  3. Wow! I wish we could commit to that much on our blog since we, like you, are wanting to grow it. Margo and I haven’t sat down to do blog goals, but for personal goals – organization is a key one for me! I am a regular at the gym and for the past 6 months I’ve been taking better care of myself in what I’m eating so I hope to continue that in 2020!

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  4. I love goal setting! I am always giving myself goals haha 😂 I am pretty good and tend to stick to them. Sounds like some good goals though, good luck! 😊 xx

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  5. Great goals! I love that this post is a mix of physical things and more mental things. And I got a gym membership this January and it really helped me stay motivated in the winter when I would have probably found an excuse not to run outside/ workout at home. Good look with growing your blog! x


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  6. These are some awesome goals! I have been thinking a lot about your number one. I need to sit down and write when I’m inspired and create my best work, and then set up a posting schedule that works for my busy life. Right now I have been putting a lot of pressure to post every other day consistently so that I have established a variety of content. I’m just starting out. I need better balance though and won’t be able to keep at this pace forever. My favorite of your goals though is self care. This is so important!! Wishing you the best for 2020!

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  7. Happy New Year, and good luck with your 2020 goals! I hope this is your year. I have similar goals, in that I want to get more organised with scheduling blog posts, and spend more time with family and friends. x

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