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Today I thought I would share with you a great outfit, makeup and hair look ideal for interviews. Going to an interview can be super scary and intimidating, however, when you feel beautiful and comfortable, you are more likely to feel confident and ready for your interview.

The makeup look is something super simple yet makes you look put together and professional. The key with the makeup look is to not do anything too dramatic or cake, you want to look smart and elegant. Let’s dig in shall we?

Makeup & Hair:


Okay now for the makeup, you want to keep this as simple as possible – I like to go for a full coverage foundation; I had been using the L.A Girl Pro Coverage Foundation, this gives me such a flawless base that lasts for hours! I then like to go in with the usual base makeup, concealer, powder, bronzer, blush and highlight. I love to use highlighter to give me a glowy complexion – this really boosts your skin and makes it look glossy and gorgeous! For my eyebrows, I simply use a brow pencil and create my normal brow, feathering the front of the brow so it is softer. I use some highlighter under the arch of the brow and on the inner corner, this really brightens up the eyes and makes you look more awake. Using my bronzer, I take this through my crease very slightly and then go in with my eyelash curler and mascara, this keeps the eye look very simple. For the lips, I line my lips with a nude lip liner and some gloss. This makeup look is very simple; it isn’t too heavy for an interview yet makes you look ready for the day and professional.


I have always loved having my hair up; its out of my face and I am less likely to keep touching it. However, I must admit, having your hair down can really flatter the face and looks like you have made much more of an effort. For my hair style, I like to keep it simple, straighten it and then clip back the left side with some hair grips – I then add in a larger grip with some detailing on it to add detail to the hair. I love the pearl clips from Primark!


Okay, here comes the important part! The outfit is everything; you need to look professional, neat and clean. This will all change depending on what you feel most comfortable in. I love wearing trousers, I feel most comfortable when I am in trousers – much more than a skirt or a dress. With that being said, I have been loving this outfit for my interviews lately – it is elegant and professional yet girly and pretty. Details;

Trousers: Slim leg, ankle grazer with gold detailing (Can’t find the exact pair however, I have found the closest match.

Shirt: Cream blouse, V-Neck detailing (I got mine a while ago and can’t seem to find it, however I have found the closest match)

Blazer: Boyfriend fit blazer, pink chequered detailing. (I got mine a while ago and can’t seem to find it, however I have found the closest match)

Shoes: Small heel, navy to match the trousers, comfortable and easy to walk in, almond toe court shoes

And there we have it – a simple yet professional interview makeup, hair and outfit idea! What do you typically wear to an interview?

Until next time, Abbs xo





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2 thoughts on “Interview – Outfit & Makeup

  1. Great interview look! I love that the outfit is professional but not too stuffy or old. It’s super modern and cool looking! I work online so most of my interviews are over the phone or video, but still a great inspiration.

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  2. The colors of the outfit are matching together so well. This would be perfect choice for an interview and catchy. I never had an interview face to face and nor my sister to share her opinion on this.

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