Self-Care & Cosy Nights

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self care & cosy nights

Self-care is one of those tasks that seriously gets neglected; you get so caught up in your hectic life that you neglect the one thing that truly needs looking after; your mind set. Your mental health is the most important thing, it must be looked after. I have come up with a few ways to boost your state and get your endorphins flowing.

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  1. Go for a walk / jog: exercise can truly boost your endorphins and change your mood easily. Even just a fifteen minute walk can make the world of difference. 
  2. Take a long hot bubble bath: I always like to take the time in the evening to indulge myself in a warm bath, I like to use this time to read a book and to spend the time shaving my legs. Putting on a face mask whilst soaking in the bath can be such a calming activity too; as well as it relaxing your mood it also takes care of your skin! A study, conducted by the University of Freiburg, Germany has found that having a bath can seriously help those suffering with depression. Taking a long soak in the bath can be as effective in boosting our mental health as taking a long walk.
  3. Read your favourite book: I always find that reading a book can completely change my mood; reading a book in the bath just helps the relaxation mood even more. Research has found that regular readers; sleep better, have lower stress levels, higher self-esteem, and lower rates of depression than non-readers.
  4. Put on your cosy pyjamas: After a long hot bath and freshly shaved legs; is there any better feeling than applying your favourite body lotion and putting on your pyjamas?! I always feel so relaxed and calm after this step.
  5. Light some scented candles: Lighting some candles around your room can instantly change our mood. Aromatherapy candles can help to feel relaxed, calm, energised and allow your brain to get into a productive mindset. Lavender candles help ease your mind and relive stress. Eucalyptus candles are energising and improve focus. Lemon candles are also energising and can relieve anxiety and depression.
  6. Skincare; Taking care of your skin is an important step, giving yourself those extra few minutes to add in a serum or an oil. It not only drastically improves your skin and the appearance of it but it also allows you to feel pampered.
  7. Make a hot drink: Once you’re in your cosy pyjamas and you have your candles lit, its time for a nice hot chocolate before tucking into bed with a good book. Hot chocolates are such an easy way to lift a mood; chocolate is really good for your memory, blood pressure and your mood. It helps alleviate depression and also acts as an anti-inflammatory; which means, it is good for the brain!
  8. Cosy blankets & a movie: As we enter into this cooler season, we are looking for cosy blankets and movies that make us feel good. Blankets that are fluffy and warming just instantly make you feel better; movies that make you feel good will obviously lift up your mood. I always find that a good family movie makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.


And there we have it, just a few tips and tricks that can instantly make your mood feel brighter and leave you feeling comfortable and relaxed. Do you have any self care tips that you have found work a treat for you?

Until next time, Abbs xo

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