A night in a haunted hotel!

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a night in a haunted hotel!

I asked you guys on twitter, if you would like a blog post on my experience at a haunted hotel – and you said yes! Okay so, on November 2nd, Kane and I headed off to Rye for the evening! For Kanes birthday, his dad gifted him a night in a haunted hotel; The Mermaid Inn.

The Mermaid Inn is famously known for being haunted. The Mermaid Inn is a grade 2 listed historical inn located in the ‘oldy world’ town of Rye. It was established in the 12th century and has a huge history…. The cellars are still very much in tact despite being build in 1156! The Inn has a strong connection with the Hawkhurst gang of smugglers who used it in the 1730s and 1740s – members of the gang and their mistresses are reported to haunt the inn! 

(That’s Kane in the hallway!!) — A renovation took place in the 16th century and the inn has pretty much been left the same way. Walking into the pub, you can clearly tell it is extremely old! The doorways are tiny, definitely one to watch your head when walking through! You walk through to the reception area to collect your room key and a member of staff is called to take you through to your room. I cannot fault the staff at the inn; they were so attentive and lovely.

Kane and I both went into the inn after reading a fair few horror stories; we were prepared to see a few ghosts. What’s been reported;

Many visitors have told how they turned “icy cold” during the night, while others are convinced they weren’t alone in their room – with reports of strange noises and an “uncomfortable atmosphere”.

One barman even quit on the spot after all the bottles on one shelf fell off while he was tending to a fire on the other side of the room.

Dubbed “Kingsmill” after Thomas Kingsmill, a keen murderer and second in command of the smuggling gang, the room once housed an ominous chair where a ghost is said to have rocked back and forth.

Okay so with that all in mind – what was our experience like? In all honesty, nothing happened. We went out for dinner at a local beefeater and I had a delicious vegan chilli con carne! Following this, we decided to sit in the large lounge and read some horror stories – after spooking ourselves out, we headed up to our room. We were in room 20 which was called the Georgina room – it wasn’t classified as a haunted room, I think Kane was very happy with that! 😉 After a nice bubble bath and watching Baywatch – it was off to sleep! 

I didn’t wake up once, I didn’t feel any room temperature change nor did I experience a feeling of someone being in the room. Walking around the inn, it didn’t feel ‘haunted’ – it was completely fine in my eyes. I was hoping I would see some sort of ghost movement, just so I could say I believed all the stories. In a way, I was slightly disappointed that I didn’t experience any haunting of any sorts – but in another mindset, I am glad, I think I would’ve ended up sleeping in the freezing cold car rather than stay in a room with someone else there! 

All in all, I would definitely recommend going, even if it was just to have a drink in the pub! It has a great vibe and the staff were so amazing, honestly don’t have a single bad word about them! Do you think you’ll visit this pub? If you have, did you experience anything?!

Until next time, Abbs xo 

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