Tools I use for Blogging

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Tools I use for Blogging

today I thought I would share with you all the tools I use for blogging; how I use different software to make blogging as smooth as possible. I have been blogging for around a year now and have learnt so much already, there is also so much for me to learn! I hope this post helps some new bloggers or even experienced bloggers looking for something new to develop their blog further along!

Social Media:

I absolutely love social media and have found it amazing for promoting my blog as much as possible. My favourite is definitely twitter; I find everyone is so easy to communicate with and its a great platform to meet other bloggers that share your interests. I find that when using Twitter, my favourite way to entice people to my website is by asking questions, asking questions that relate to your blog post can draw people in and make them want to know the answer. For example;

  • “Do you enjoy reading lifestyle posts? Love beauty & fashion? Check out my blog on;”

Instagram is a great platform to use to share your creativity and love for photography. I love using instagram as a way to get inspired, finding new accounts everyday is just such a special thing as it gives you motivation to carry on doing what you’re doing. I love instagram because I love continuity, I love themes and that everything matches. There isn’t a day that goes by where I am not inspired to continue to take photographs and discover new editing methods.

I take my photos using my iPhone XR – to me, it is the best camera I have ever used on a phone, it snaps the best photos for instagram and the beauty is that it is all there on my iPhone ready to be edited and used! One specific app I find super useful for my photos is Afterlight – I love the way this app edits my photographs. I personally have opted for a brighter feed on my instagram, no matter what time of the year, a nice bright feed always looks good in my eyes. Afterlight allows me to brighten up my photos as well as add highlights & contrasts to add depth into the photograph. I am definitely still working on my photography skills but I am loving how it is going so far. What app do you use to edit your instagram photos?

Tweetdeck is one of the easiest ways to schedule in your tweets. I love scheduling at least four tweets a day for a week! This way, if I have a super busy day and can’t get onto the app that much, I know I have a few tweets going out to keep my account active. It is also a great way of scheduling in reminders of your posts and sending people back to older posts; this will increase the traffic to your blog!


Organisation is one of the key tools I use for blogging; I have to make sure I stay organised and on top of everything I do. My favourite way to stay organised is to keep everything written in my yearly diary, this gives me a daily breakdown and allows me to stay on top of what tasks need doing on my day-to-day basis.

I like to use my diary to keep track of everything; what posts I have scheduled, when I need to take pictures for Instagram or my blog posts, when I have scheduled my weeks’ tweets in… This way I always know that I have something going on and I know when I have posts going up. I sometimes schedule my posts so far in advance, having my diary remind me of the posts I have going live allows me to get my social media posts prepared for the blog post.

As well as diaries, another organisation tip for blogging is to write bullet points to prep your post. I can randomly think of a blog post idea but not have the time to write it; instead I will write a draft title and a few bullet points of what I imagine saying. This allows me to stay on top of the post and remember my original ideas for the post.

There we have it, a few tools I use for blogging! What tools do you find useful?

Until next time, Abbs xo



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  1. Great tips and advice! I always tell myself that I’m going to make a calendar of when and what to post and on which platform, but it lasts for about a week and then other things in life take over LOL I will get back into posting and reading others post more regularly, and seeing your post definitely reminded me to start soon 🙂

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