Let’s talk hats!

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Hats… everyone loves a good hat, right?! Hats are a great way of changing up your style, adding a vibrant hint of colour or a touch of texture to a look. As we approach these cooler months, we are all in a need of a hat to keep our heads warm against the cold chill. We are obviously looking at grabbing out our bobble hats, however, you could opt for something a little different this year! Try out a new style, experiment with new colours, dare to add a different print into your outfit!

In this post, I have put together the different styles of hat for this season and some of my favourites from ASOS!

Biker hat;

The biker hat is such a staple hat, it can transform an entire outfit and take it from a 0 to a 10. A biker hat looks so good styled with a trench coat and some statement earrings!

Bucket hat;

The bucket hat can be one that seemed to be misunderstood. It can be seen as a not so cute hat, however, it does not have to be that way. There are so many cute bucket hats to be styled this season – the bucket hat looks amazing paired with a faux fur jacket.


Baseball Cap;

The baseball cap, such an easy hat to style. It can be thrown on with a super casual outfit or paired with a dressier outfit to add more of a ‘chill’ vibe. I think the baseball cap looks great paired with a simple blazer, skinny jeans and some heeled boots.

Bobble Hat;

Oh the classic, a bobble hat. Who doesn’t own a cute knitted hat with a giant faux fur Pom Pom on top?! These hats literally go with every outfit, they’re the perfect hat for a cold winters walk and are typically seen on everyone during a fireworks night! They look great with jeans, boots and a super cosy winter coat!


The beret is a style of hat that everyone has been wearing this year and why put them away for winter?! A beret is such a simple hat that takes your outfit and transforms it into a classy and elegant outfit. Paired with a trench coat, skinny jeans and some knee high boots is just a great outfit for this season!


And last but not least, we have a fedora. The fedora is the highest trending hat for this season. It is such an elegant style of hat, and can be worn so easily, in any outfit style. The fedora hat looks great paired with wide leg trousers, satin vest and a oversized blazer.

And there we have it, the hats that look fabulous during these months. What is your favourite style hat to wear during the colder months?!

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