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Hello, my loves and welcome back to my blog! Okay so before we get into this post, I feel you should know that I am not a big fan of shopping (going to the shops and being around all those people ew no). In fact, I hate it. I am much more of an online shopper – and even then, I just feel stressed looking at all the options and trying to figure out whether those items will suit me or make me look bad.

Most of the time I do a big order and send most of it back which is just so annoying! However, the tables have turned. I did a boohoo order, mainly taking advantage of the huge sale, and I LOVED every item! I know I know, I couldn’t believe it either.

Boohoo is one of my favourite clothing brands; they have such affordable clothing items and they have some sort of sale on almost all the time! The only issue with boohoo is that the quality can sometimes be a bit of a hit or miss situation; one day you can order clothes that are in great condition and have amazing quality, other times you’re not so lucky.

I want to change up my style a little; make more of an effort with myself. I promised myself that I would start trying more with my appearance for the last four months of the year. That being said; I will always have a love for oversized t-shirts and jeans (that will never change!)

Anyway, let’s get on with the clothes, shall we?!

Item 1: Ditsy Floral Wrap Ruffle Tea Dress: Black: £14

This dress is ugh so cute! It is the perfect dress to wear to work but to also dress up and wear for a more intimate occasion. It’s the perfect length, I feel like my behind is well covered, so I don’t feel insecure or worried. It has cute frills on the arms, bottom of the dress and around the cleavage. I thought this dress would look so perfect with a pair of tights, high top converse and a chunky knit cardi! The only think I would say about this dress is that I do have to pin the top, near my boobs; I feel it’s just a little too open for my liking; but nothing that can’t be fixed with a little safety pin. As for the quality; amazing!!

Item 2: Floral Wrap Front Mini Dress: Black: £10.80

The quality of this dress is amazing. It is so comfortable and silky! And for the price, I am shocked. It is the perfect length and looks so cute with again, some tights and converse. It has a zip up the back that just pulls you in and accentuates your waist. I feel so comfortable and cute in this dress!

Item 3: Polka Dot Frill Smock Dress: Black: £12

This is probably one of my favourite dresses. This dress really does give you such a great figure, it doesn’t make me look bloated at all. I especially love the top of the dress; it has a slight keyhole cut out around the cleavage (if I was to wear this at work, I would simply put a bandeau on underneath). I love the polka dots, they are just perfect for this time of year; again, this with some tights and converse!

Item 4: Basic Oversized T-Shirt: White: £9

Okay, so… I have this t-shirt in black and I love it. I needed it in white just because it goes with so many outfits and looks so cute. This white one does seem to be much bigger than my black one, however, I think it is the perfect size to wear with some cycling shorts! Such a basic piece that is a must in your wardrobe!

Item 5: Basic Solid Black Cycling Shorts: £4.50

Again, another basic stable piece for your wardrobe. You cant go wrong, on a day of running errands, with a pair of cycling shorts and a oversized t-shirt! I also wear cycling shorts under my dresses in the summer months to prevent my legs from chaffing because OWCH!

Item 6: Modern Love Oversized Tee: Black: £4

I love this shirt. It’s fab, the quality is perfect. Not too heavy but not too light. The only thing I would say is that it is very long. My plan was to wear this tucked into jeans with some air force and a back pack but because the shirt is so long, I get a huge bulge of material in my jeans…. This shirt does look good with a skirt though. They sell this in a yellow colour as well and when I say I need it, I mean I really NEED it.

Item 7: Cropped California Slogan T-Shirt: £5

I never wear crop tops. Never. And I didn’t know that this was cropped until it arrived (I guess I just didn’t read it!!) however, this actually looks so cute with anything high-waisted. I never thought I would wear a crop top, but I actually feel comfortable in it. I don’t feel self-conscious at all which is great! This is such a basic crop top, but I have been loving slogan tee’s recently.

Item 8: Ditsy Floral Flippy Shorts: Red: £5

These shorts are so cute! They look so cute on as well ughhhhhh. I love how high waisted these shorts are and how great they make my waist look. They really accentuate my figure and make my legs look even longer. I think these shorts are going to be great even in winter; put a pair of tights underneath and a chunky jumper and boom a cute winter outfit!

Item 9: Ava Striped Tie Belt Shorts: Red: £4

Again, another super cute pair of shorts. These ones are more of a stiffer material compared to the other pair but, they are just as cute. I think they look like candy canes! Again, these would look amazing with some tights and a jumper…

Item 10: Tights: Black: £5.40

I never really buy tights, so I don’t know if these are a bit pricey… what do you think?! These tights are 60 denier and I do wish I had got slightly thicker ones… I have acrylic nails on, and I just pierced straight through these. So annoying! But, never mind!

And there we have it; my Boohoo order. I am so pleased with everything I bought in this order and am super happy that all items were under £15! I highly recommend you get on that website now and check out the killer sale they have going on! I wish your bank balance well 😉

Thank you so much for reading this blog post, I hope you enjoyed it – be sure to give me any feedback you may have as I always love taking peoples opinions on board!

I look forward to writing and sharing my next post. In the meantime, check out my social medias:

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Until next time, Abbs xo

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One thought on “Boohoo Clothing Haul!

  1. I love the polka-dot dress and the floral wrap – they’re gorgeous! I definitely hear what you’re saying about Boohoo and their quality… I ordered a dress, and 1) they sent the wrong colour and 2) it looked really cheap 😦 Thanks for sharing this post though!
    Nelle xx


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