I Did Something To My Hair… again

Hair Disasters...

Hello, my loves, welcome back to the blog! Ugh have I had an interesting weekend… full of hair disasters!! Will I ever learn to leave my hair alone?

Now, I have been using box hair dye since I was 13; have always been dying my hair super dark browns and sometimes putting black on it. I know I know, its terrible and trust me, I regret those decisions to this day! I have always wanted to be a blonde, not just any blonde, a platinum blonde… it is my end goal…

With this in mind, I began my extensive research; how to go from black to blonde. Now by research, I literally mean I watched multiple videos of girls bleaching their hair in one weekend. She did it, why can’t I?!

My hair is in a decent condition and so I didn’t want to just wack a load of bleach on it and risk it all falling out… I decided to use a hair stripper. I have seen these being used on YouTube so many times but have never used one myself. I was thinking that this hair stripper would get my hair back to the beautiful mousey-light brown easily. (so naive).


The hair stripper I used was the Colour B4 Frequent Use one, it retails in Superdrug & Boots for £9.99 per box. I bought two boxes, since my hair is a medium length and quite thick. My mum slapped this all over my head and boy, that is one stinky product. It smells like a stale, eggy fart that is just lingering around.

I left this on my hair for 60 minutes and began the process of rinsing. You have to rinse the stripper out of your hair for ten minutes, apply the buffer and rinse it out for another ten minutes, apply more buffer and rinse again… finally time to put some conditioner on my hair, I left this on for a minute before rinsing.

Looking at my wet hair I began to panic; I had very red hair. Uh oh… not what I was expecting. Let’s get blow-drying and see what happens. Okay okay… not as bad as I thought. It was certainly warm but not ginger like I thought! Phew!! But it worked, it got rid of all of the black!!!!!!


For some bizarre reason, I thought it would be a great idea to strip my hair again. Yes, again, for a second time, with another set of stripper. What could go wrong?!

I repeated the exact same process and holy smokes I really was orange. My hair went ginger. I expected myself to hate it, but I actually didn’t. I mean, I didn’t love it and I didn’t want to stay this colour but hey, at least my hair didn’t fall out!


I woke up the next morning with a different opinion; yup I hated it. I needed to get rid of this ginger, quickly. I decided to try using a toner to mute the orange tones; I used the BBlonde Silver Toner; this muted the golden orange tones so well and made it go a really nice mousey brown. FINALLY!


Uh oh…. Another issue. My hair STINKS! Everywhere I go, I get a whiff of stale egg. My hair literally smelt like farts. WHAT DO I DO?! I googled this issue, like I google everything, and found out that everyone had experienced the same issue using the Colour B4 stripper. I saw on mumsnet that you had to put 10g of bicarbonate of soda mixed with 90g of water on your hair for ten minutes and then top it with 5g lemon juice and 95g water, leave it on for another ten minutes, rinse and wash with a nice shampoo. I did this… my hair turned into a huge matted mess at the back of my head. Oh FUCK.


This time I really broke down and cried like a bi**h!!! My mum had to slap on an entire pot of Garnier Banana Food Hair Mask and gradually brush my hair. My head was burning from a mixture of all the washing and the lemon juice. I thought I was going to have to shave my whole head of hair off. And the worst part… my hair still stinks.

I left the mask on for just over an hour and rinsed it out. Oh boy that felt so good, so silky and smooth. Once I dried and straightened my hair, put in some heat protection, coconut oil and some finishing oil; the smell was barely there. You do still get a small whiff every now and then, but it has mostly gone. Was it the bicarb or the banana mask that did it?! I have no idea. I’m just glad my hair doesn’t smell tbh!

The end result isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen…. It is definitely more of a warm auburn colour but I’m not mad! My plan now is to leave my hair for a couple of weeks and book into a salon with a professional and get them to start the process of making me blonde! AHHHHH. Trouble is, I am extremely impatient and want this done now. But no, I must resist and let my poor scalp breathe.

Okay, so end feelings?


  • All the black dye has gone
  • My hair is still in amazing condition
  • Its not an ugly colour


  • The smell is the worst thing
  • You cannot guarantee your hair will take to the stripping
  • The amount of money I had to spend in total was not worth it.

If you want to try stripping your hair at home, be wary of the smell! Also, bear in mind that your hair may not lift as quickly, evenly and as well as mine did… what do you think of the colour?!

Thank you so much for reading this blog post, I hope you enjoyed it – be sure to give me any feedback you may have as I always love taking peoples opinions on board!

I look forward to writing and sharing my next post. In the meantime, check out my social medias:

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Until next time, Abbs xo

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