Testing – Superdrug Micellar Water…

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Wet'N'Wild Testing

You all know that I love testing and trying out new products… well recently, with my decision to switch to a cruelty free lifestyle, I have been on the hunt for new skincare products. Specifically, micellar water. I decided to cut out the use of makeup wipes when I found out how bad they are for the environment.

Did you know that the majority of face wipes don’t disintegrate in the sewage system; they are a huge contributing factor in blockages that cost water companies around £88 million a year (in the UK alone) to rectify. If they do make it through the system, they can end up in our seas and consumed by sea life – having a negative impact on the environment that’s similar to the microbeads that have been recently banned. It’s said they can linger for up to 500 years in the ecosystem, so they’re unfortunately just as bad as throwing out a plastic bottle

Anyway… I have been using micellar water as my way of removing all makeup and dirt from my skin. I have found this works an absolute treat!!! Even though I am still using cotton pads, I am waiting for my reusable cotton pads to arrive in the post. Now, I am not going to lie… I always thought micellar water was a load of rubbish, that it is a waste of money and in all honestly, just a scam.

I thought to myself, how can people market water to remove makeup?! What a waste of money. I have had these thoughts for as long as I can remember, all up until that moment I thought ugh what the hell lets give it a go. I have been using the Garnier micellar water and boy did I fall in love. My skin felt smoother and softer after the first use, there was no irritation, no tugging or pulling around my eyes to get rid of all my mascara. It was an easy-breezy makeup remover.

Since Garnier are not cruelty free, I had to find myself a cruelty free brand. I use the majority of Superdrug skincare and so thought that the micellar water would be a great option to try out!


Product name & retail value:

I have been testing out the Superdrug Vitamin E Micellar water and it retails for £3.49 for 200ml product.


Let’s talk packaging… okay it isn’t the cutest, but it definitely isn’t the worst. It has this huge lid on the top of the bottle which doesn’t actually do anything! You pull this off and it reveals a usual cap with a lid. I mean what is the point in the excessive use of the plastic top?! Speaking of plastic, this bottle is 100% plastic which isn’t great if you are trying to reduce the use of plastic… but in all fairness, I don’t think I have actually found a micellar water that isn’t in a plastic bottle. The rest of the packaging is simple and informative.

Trying and testing:

Boy does this micellar water have a stink!!! Ew, it is so strongly scented it actually hurt my nose. I couldn’t believe it when I first opened the bottle. I wasn’t sure how much product I needed on my cotton round and so I just poured around two tablespoons full. I held this over my eye to start breaking down my mascara and suddenly felt a huge burning feeling. My eye literally felt like it was on fire. It hurt so so much. I don’t even know how to explain the feeling… it was almost as though I had poured an entire bottle of perfumed vodka straight into my eye. Yeah, ouch.

As well as the stench and the burning, it didn’t remove makeup very well at all. I spent ages trying to get all my eye makeup off and the amount of cotton rounds I used was just ridiculous. This was not off to a good start and, it doesn’t get much better from here.

Removing my face makeup wasn’t as difficult but every time I thought it was all off, my cotton round would be caked in even more! I don’t wear that much foundation either so to me it just showed that the micellar water wasn’t picking up as much as it should have been.

Overall, I have tried using this product for a week straight now and have had no luck with it. It leaves my skin burning and feeling irritated. It doesn’t leave my skin smooth or soft, just painful and red. My skin actually smells like perfume too, so throughout the evening I found myself rubbing my eyes a lot because they were irritated with the product. There is no point in me doing my positives vs negatives on this testing post because I literally don’t have a single positive for this product.

I definitely will not be using this product again nor would I recommend it. If your skin is more sensitive than mine, stay away from this product! It is not our friend!! I am super bummed that this product didn’t work for me, but it just means I have to do more research and some more testing!

Let me know if you use micellar water and which is your favourite!

Thank you so much for reading this blog post, I hope you enjoyed it – be sure to give me any feedback you may have as I always love taking peoples opinions on board!

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3 thoughts on “Testing – Superdrug Micellar Water…

  1. The ‘Yes to’ range is cruelty free and has a pump top bottle which I’ve seen jessontheplussize use on Instagram and she raves about it PLUS they do a coconut one which I know is a favourite of yours😚it would be interesting to hear your views on that brand ….Superdrug sell the range 😊

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