June Wrap Up

Hey hey hey! Another fresh month which means another wrap up post. June was an interesting month for me. It started off being pretty crappy and yet the last few weeks were fab! Lets dive in with the juicy goodness shall we?!

June Wrap Up

So, the first week wasn’t great, I was in a very negative mindset. I was confused. But after a very productive meeting at work, I felt so much better. Getting all my opinions and feelings out towards this colleague. I finally felt like a weight had been taken off my shoulders and I felt so much better. She gave me her opinions and we managed to solve our differences and find a balance. We are finally getting along really well and I am loving being taught by her.

I signed up for my degree, I finally did it. Three years of over-thinking and denying my want to go to university is over. I officially am going to be a student. I decided to study through the Open University; instead of having to leave my job and start again at an actual university, I decided to see if I could find anything online. This was the first one to come up. I am so beyond excited to start this course! I am definitely going to be doing a post all about the course, how I’m feeling etc… stay tuned for that!!


Kane and I went swimming; ahhhhh, it may not seem much to some of you reading but to me it was incredible. I haven’t felt happiness like it. I haven’t been able to go swimming for around 5 to 10 years. Getting in that pool and swimming like there was no tomorrow felt amazing. Ugh I am such a water baby, put me in a pool and you won’t get me out for hours. It is my heaven. (P.S: I am going to have a post all about my experience with my ear infections and explaining a little more as to why I wasn’t able to swim). We have decided that swimming is going to be our new hobby; we are determined to start swimming at least once a week, it is such a great way to get your body moving and to kick start that weight loss.


I am pretty sure I said this in my last wrap up post but I am still very determined to loose weight; it is has been playing on mind for a while; I don’t feel comfortable or happy with how I look but the only person that can change that is me. Little things I have already started to do is drink more water; I find that if I have a cute water bottle to drink from, I will drink more? Same as if I have a straw, I am more likely to drink a lot more through a straw than if I wasn’t to have one.

Weird I know…. Anyway, I am somehow drinking around 3 to 5 litres of water a day! That’s so much water but my skin has just been glowing recently, I have quit snacking throughout the day and don’t feel as hungry as usual.

How can I forget to mention the amazing weather we have been blessed with in the UK! It has been so unbelievably hot here…. at the weekend it was at the highest temperature; it reached 34 degrees! I celebrated this heat by going out for breakfast; bills breakfast ‘The Garden Plate’ is hands down the best thing! Then headed down to the lake to go on a peddle boat and then a trip to the beach in the evening. Ugh what a beautiful day it was!




June was a very quick month, I am so ready to tackle July and get started on all my plans and goals. How was your June?

Thank you so much for reading this blog post, I hope you enjoyed it – be sure to give me any feedback you may have as I always love taking peoples opinions on board!

I look forward to writing and sharing my next post. In the meantime, check out my social medias:

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Until next time, Abbs xo


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