Max Factor Facfinity Foundation

Hey loves! I’m back with….. a n o t h e r makeup review! I just can’t help myself, testing new makeup sparks a joy in me and I never want it to go away.

Today’s post is a review on the Max Factor Facfinity Foundation – I had high hopes for this foundation especially as so many people have left great reviews online.

Okay so just a quick note to make; I used a primer with this foundation, the same primer that I have been using for a few weeks now and I love it. It’s the Maybelline Baby Skin primer – ooooh this stuff is the It is literally amazing – my skin looks so airbrushed after applying this.

I also applied this foundation with a wet beauty sponge, I only ever use a sponge with my foundations – I just hate using brushes. Now that’s out of the way; let’s dive in….


Before even applying this foundation to my face I first put a couple of pumps on the back of my hand to test the consistency and the colour. Straight off the bat this foundation is so runny, I wasn’t expecting it at all. I was expecting a thick texture but no… super runny.

As well as this, it has a very funky smell. It really smells like chemicals. It’s almost too much to take; after a while of blending you do get used to it but it does make me worried to think what is in the foundation…

applying the foundation to my face, it was strange. Very sheer, I almost didn’t want to continue to apply it but I persevered. I am actually glad I did, once it was all blended it looked so beautiful on the skin.

I ended up building up the foundation to a medium coverage; I really liked this because I am so used to having thick full coverage foundations that it’s nice to just have a light to medium foundation on for a change. It wasn’t heavy or cakey at all. It didn’t have any glow to it, it is a semi-matte finish.

The shade I bought was the wrong shade, it’s too pale for me. I have an olive undertone and this foundation doesn’t have a shade to cater for that – the shade I have is just slightly too pale and pink. But once all my other products are blended on top; it doesn’t look too bad. Just a little more bronzer is needed.

The foundation is quite tacky, you definitely have to set it with powder – this also correlates to the fact that it is semi-matte, I don’t think I would be able to get away with no powder.

I wanted to see whether this foundation allowed other creamy products to be blended on top of it. I went in with my L’Oréal Infallible Shaping Stick to do a little bit of cream bronzing. This ended up being slightly dry and a little difficult to blend but it wasn’t impossible – just a little more pressure into the brush and it was blended. So the answer to my question; yes it can have cream products on top of it, but do one part at time.

Next up; concealer and powder. Once these products were on, my face looked flawless. I was obsessed with how it looks. I don’t usually use powder and so I was worried that it would look cakey and heavy but it didn’t at all. It looked healthy and natural.


  1. Natural look finish
  2. Buildable coverage
  3. Healthy finish
  4. Able to blend other products on top
  5. Doesn’t dry out the skin
  6. Breathable (feels so light on the skin)


  1. Looks awful whilst first applying; but be persistent
  2. Too pale for me
  3. Had to use around 4-5 pumps for my face. A little bit does NOT go a long way.
  4. Tacky feeling

Overall thoughts;

Okay so overall, I love this foundation. It’s great – it has one more positive than negatives which is a first for me. {I am that person that will find negatives in every single thing}


Okay so I have been using this foundation for a week now and I am obsessed, I can’t stop using it! It is the perfect foundation for my everyday makeup look. Even though the colour is completely wrong, I make it work with my bronzers and it works perfectly. I am super impressed with this foundation and cannot stop using it.

Thank you so much for reading this blog post, I hope you enjoyed it – be sure to give me any feedback you may have as I always love taking peoples opinions on board!

I look forward to writing and sharing my next post. In the meantime, check out my social medias:

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Until next time, Abbs xo

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3 thoughts on “Max Factor Facfinity Foundation

  1. Looks and sounds great I’ll have to try this foundation!
    Lately my skin has been so dry and sensitive so I haven’t been wearing my foundation so I’m wondering if you have any recommendations for a daily moisturizer? I have not yet found a moisturizer that doesn’t leave my face with a burning sensation so it’s hard for me to try to wear foundation..
    I love makeup (I wish I knew more about it- how to apply, which products to use, etc.) but because my skin is so sensitive it’s hard for me to wear it everyday:( Thank you in advance for your advice!!
    Xx Alicia

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