Valentines Day Makeup Look

Hello my loves, how are you? In spirit of Valentines Day I thought I would share with you a makeup look that I think is perfect for a date on Valentines Day. What are you doing for Valentines Day?


This makeup look is a pretty, soft, glowy pink look that just screams valentines to me! I know it might not be everyone’s colour to wear but trust me it is actually so wearable!! For this blog post, I am going to share the eye look with you because my face routine is still the same in my every day makeup routine. Let’s dig in shall we?

To start you are obviously going to need a clean base to work with. To do this, I conceal my lid with the makeup revolution conceal and define concealer. To set, I used the Maybelline Match Perfection powder – aka one of the best translucent powder to set with!

The first colour I start with is from the makeup revolution blush pallet in Blush Goddess – it is the perfect peachy pink shade to start with as a transition shade. I use a large blending blush and apply this all over my crease.


The second shade is the next two colours in the blush pallet, gradually deepening up my crease – finally applying the deepest pink shade in the pallet and packing this onto my outer corner and dragging it through my crease – making sure to keep a soft gradient throughout.

Next up, the fun part! On a base shadow brush, a synthetic haired brush works perfectly – I used the Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 hour Single Shadow in the Shade 65 – Rose Gold. Isn’t it just beautiful?! I applied this along my lid – leaving my outer corner free.

This looks pigmented anyway but not as glowy as I imagined. I decided to then go in with the L’Oréal True Match Liquid Highlighter in the shade Icy Glow. Applying this in the exact same places with the same brush – this dries down matte and leaves such a beautiful glow!

I then applied the Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighter in the shade 200 Diamond Glow to my brow bone and my inner corner. Curling my lashes and applying mascara – if this was an evening look then go ahead and apply some falsies if you like! I used the highlighter as my main highlighter on my face to give me that intense glow!


Pair this with a pretty pink nude lipstick and ta-dah you’re done!

And there we have it, my intense glowy makeup look – pink is the traditional colour for valentines day – but since this is such a wearable makeup look I would also wear this just out and about daily.

What do you think about this makeup look?


Thank you so much for reading this blog post, I hope you enjoyed it – be sure to give me any feedback you may have as I always love taking peoples opinions on board! I look forward to writing and sharing my next post. In the meantime, check out my social medias:

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