Last Minute Gift Ideas For Girls

Hello my loves. Today I am back with another post – my last minute gift ideas, girl edition.

This gift guide is perfect for those of you that have been rushed off your feet and haven’t had time to get any Christmas presents. In this guide you will find presents perfect for your girlfriend, mum, sister, nan and friends! We have a perfect mixture of makeup, skincare, body essentials and more! Well, let’s stop rambling and jump straight in!

A goodie box:

You can never go wrong with a goodie box, buy a small/medium sized box from Hobby Craft – I found these online and they are perfect, they are all ready decorated and so you don’t have to worry about wrapping them. Fill the box with all the little things they like, such as;

  • hair bands
  • hair grips
  • dry shampoo
  • face masks
  • hair mask
  • lipstick
  • nail polish
  • nail file
  • bath bomb / bubble bath

Wrap each item up separately, add a bow to the box and ta-dah you have a goodie box! I think this is such a thoughtful yet practical present, it has all the essentials a girl needs and is perfect for a little pamper!


Linking in with a goodie box, you could also get a gift set and divide it up into the box, making it look like there is even more in the box. There are so many amazing skin care gifts out there this year and here are a few that I think every girl would love:

Body Essentials:

You can never go wrong with some body essentials – by these I mean things such as bath bombs, body lotions, bubble baths – these gift sets can be so thoughtful yet also productive!


Receiving makeup for Christmas can always be a bit hit and miss, especially if that person doesn’t really know you. These are some gifts that I am sure will brighten up any girls Christmas!

There we have it. A quick and simple last minute gift guide. Gift sets are brilliant because you get so much more for your money – they are also perfect if you are working with a budget.

I also want to share with you a few tips for last minute Christmas shopping;

  • Take advantage of the offers, if you see a 3 for 2 offer. get it! You can always take out products of the gift sets and put them into different peoples gifts.
  • Buy presents that you know are going to be used, there is no point in buying things that the receiver isn’t going to use. Think productively.
  • Try to save yourself money – this links into the offers tip but always look out for the best deals. Sometimes one shop will be selling an item for £20 and a different shop will have it for £16.99!
  • Sometimes those gifts that may seem boring, can actually be the best ones; such as, a 2019 diary, a cook book, a candle.
  • Make lists, write down the names of the people you need to buy for, find out what they really want for Christmas. Work their wish list around your budget.

There are just a few tips I have for Christmas shopping. I know it can be super stressful which is why I wanted to come up with a gift guide that can help you if you are stuck for present ideas!

Have a lovely Christmas!

Thank you so much for reading this blog post, I hope you enjoyed it – be sure to give me any feedback you may have as I always love taking peoples opinions on board! I look forward to writing and sharing my next post. In the meantime, check out my social medias:

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Until next time, Abbs xo

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Hello lovelies, my name is Abbie. Creative writing is my biggest passion and I love sharing my posts with all of you! Thank you so much for visiting my site, lots of love, abbs xo

8 thoughts on “Last Minute Gift Ideas For Girls

  1. This is such a cute last-minute gift guide, I love how all of your ideas are so thoughtful and personable! A goodie box is a gem that anyone will love, I love the thought of buying a box from Hobbycraft and filling it with beauty essentials any babe will love 🙂 A gift set is a great idea too. Your tips are fabulous too, I know so many people who’d love the things you listed like a diary or a candle. You can never go wrong with those! I hope you have a lovely Christmas and that your 2019 is stunning beaut! ♥︎

    Sophie | soinspo xo


  2. Oh my gosh! I would love a goodie box with face masks, hair products and makeup essentials. This is an awesome idea! I might actually use this for a friend of mine! Thanks!



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